New Year’s Resolutions 2010

It’s a new year and many people like to take this time as an opportunity to improve some aspect of their daily life. One idea I’ve been rolling around in my head is creating a schedule for this blog. Posts last year were sporadic for the most part and I feel like a good blog needs regular posts. To that end, I would like to start a one-post-per-week regimen, with those posts coming every Friday. In addition to the weekly posts, I intend to do monthly and yearly summary posts.

Here’s what I’m thinking in terms of possible content:

  • Previews of new figures available for preorder
  • Reviews of new figures I have received
  • “Figure Financials” column
  • High-resolution wallpapers

That’s the plan! We’ll see how it goes.

Photo Reviews Coming Soon!

While there haven’t been many interesting new figure announcements of late, I’ve been busy preparing for adding photo reviews to Figyura.  I’ve dabbled with figure photography in the past and generally been displeased with the results, so I’ve invested in some equipment upgrades to better realize my ambitions for this site.
Continue reading bug: Albeo theme + Categories widget

I ran into this bug when trying to customize my Albeo sidebar.  I wanted all the original sidebar elements provided by the Albeo theme, so I started with the following widgets in my sidebar:

  • Albeo Search
  • Albeo Top/Latest/Tags
  • Categories
    • Option “Show post counts” selected
    • Option “Show hierarchy” selected
  • Archives

This would seem like it should be the widgetized equivalent of the default Albeo sidebar.  The problem with this setup is that the “Categories” content doesn’t render correctly with this widget setup.

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Hi, my name is Adam and I love anime figures.  I bought my first figure (Yamato’s 1/8 Motoko Aoyama from Love Hina) back in 2005 and I’ve been slowly expanding my collection ever since.  With figure collecting becoming an increasingly important hobby to me, I decided to start this blog to help me track figure releases that I’m interested in and hopefully share some insights like where to buy and how to save money when shopping for figures.

Hello world!

This blog is dedicated to the acquisition and admiration of anime figures and related merchandise.  If pretty pieces of plastic aren’t your thing, then this blog isn’t for you!