Review: Amakuni 1/8 Shimakaze

It has become evident from the past couple Wonder Festival events that Kantai Collection (aka KanColle) is the new darling of the figure industry. The moe anthromorphization of naval battleships as cute girls makes for good merchandising and the property owners behind KanColle have done well to spread the love around by letting quite a few different manufacturers take a crack at rendering the various ship-girls in plastic. Amakuni is on the forefront of that effort and they wisely decided to start with arguably the most popular girl in Shimakaze.
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Review: Volks 1/6 Hatsune Miku

In my assessment of Max Factory’s 2020 Miku as a potential preorder target, I indicated my intention to part ways with my Volks Miku if I ultimately acquired the Max Factory figure. I now have 2020 Miku in my possession thanks to some bargain bin action at Hobby Search, which means it’s time for Volks Miku to bow out. I wanted to grab some photos of her to commemorate the time she spent in my collection and I figured I might as well make a short review of it.
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Review: MegaHouse 1/8 Risty *NSFW*

Just under a year ago, while evaluating MegaHouse’s Irma for preorder, I intimated that I would very much like to see a re-release of their Risty as well. I doubt representatives from MegaHouse or Hobby Japan were reading, but whatever the reason that desire has been fulfilled and I now find myself in possession of their recently reissued 1/8 scale interpretation of the honorable bandit from Queen’s Blade.

(This post contains artistic nudity. Reader discretion is advised.)
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Review: Amakuni 1/8 Dark General

It’s time to take a look at Amakuni’s 1/8 scale Dark General from Shingeki no Bahamut (aka Rage of Bahamut).

This review started as a review for the Dark General’s sister-in-origin, Dark Angel Olivia from Kotobukiya, who arrived not too long ago. Although Olivia is a gorgeous figure when viewed in person, I found her very difficult to work with from behind the camera as her wings block the angles where I want to put my light and the glossy finish on her eyes provide horrible reflections from most any position. I quickly grew frustrated, punted on the Olivia photo shoot, and switched over to the Dark General here hoping for some redemption. Fortunately, she proved to be quite photogenic.
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