Wallpaper: Alter 1/8 Yagyu Jubei

I had originally planned to make this post my first photo review, but I still don’t have a complete set of pics that I’m happy with, so you’ll have to make due with a preview instead.

Here is an image from my Alter 1/8 Yagyu Jubei set formatted for use as a desktop wallpaper on 16:10 displays.

Alter 1/8 Yagyu Jubei wallpaper - 2560x1600, 1.0 MB

Alter 1/8 Yagyu Jubei wallpaper – 2560×1600, 1.0 MB

I enjoy collecting wallpapers on my computer and they’re a big part of how I discover new anime series from Japan, so I hope they will prove to be a popular, recurring theme on this blog.  We’ll see how it goes.

One thought on “Wallpaper: Alter 1/8 Yagyu Jubei

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