Figure Financials: 2010 Budget

Resinya! Shana with a $50 bill

It’s 2010 now, which means it’s time to revise the budget I laid out last year. Last year, I used 99.2% of my budget and acquired nine figures. I also, however, sold four figures from my collection to offset some of those purchases, which brings my net gain for the year to only five figures. Overall, I felt very constrained by last year’s budget and I feel like I probably underestimated both my personal spending behavior and the actual costs of a typical figure, which have increased dramatically in the past couple years.

As a result, I’ve decided to increase the 2010 budget by $500 to a total of $1,500, plus the rollover from last year’s budget ($8.26). Taking last year’s average figure cost (~$128) into account, I would estimate that I should be able to acquire 11-12 new figures under the 2010 budget.  All the other rules from last year will remain the same.

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