Exploring the Great Outdoors with GSC’s Canaan

I doubt anyone noticed, but I missed a couple weeks’ worth of posts while I moved from my apartment into a new house. I’m still very much in that “settling in” period and all of my figures are still packed, but I feel like I have enough time again to resume blogging regularly.

This week, I wanted to share the results of my first foray into outdoor figure photography. On a recent trip to see family, I decided to take Good Smile Company’s 1/8 scale Canaan and my camera along for the ride to see what kind of results I could get outside of my usual shooting environment. Overall, I was rather pleased with the results.
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Month-End Report, Apr. 2010 Edition

It’s hard to believe that the end of the month is already here. I’m surprised to look back over the past month and realize that I didn’t order anything figure-related this month. Unfortunately, I’ve realized in the past week or so that I have precious little money left in this year’s figure budget, so I won’t be picking up much more for the rest of the year. 😦
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Month-End Report, Feb. 2010 Edition

Bit of a quiet month on the orders front compared to January, but that’s to be expected with the way I structure my budget. I was swayed into ordering MegaHouse’s 1/8 Kasugano Sora figure after seeing the overwhelmingly positive reviews at HappySoda and foo-bar-baz. I already had my eye on the Sora figure and seeing two figure blogs I greatly respect give their approval helped convince me to go ahead and pick her up.
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GSC's Black Rock Shooter ~Anime Ver.~ at WF2010W via AmiAmi Blog

Event Roundup: Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter]

In case you missed it, Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter] was held this past Sunday in Japan. Wonder Festival is a major trade show for the figure industry so almost all the major manufacturers were on hand to show off a bunch of new figures at various stages of completion. Like most fans outside of Japan, attending WF2010 physically would have been less than convenient for me, so I had to make due with blog coverage of the event.
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