Event Roundup: Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2010 [Spring]

The Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2010 (Spring) was held this week in Japan. Like Wonder Festival, this is a major industry trade show so it follows that there would be some new goodies unveiled here.

Overall, it seems like there was less “new” stuff at Miyazawa than Wonder Festival, but maybe that’s because I just started tracking these events recently. It also feels like Miyazawa is more of a showcase for the lesser-known manufacturers. I didn’t much in the way of new material from the larger manufacturers.

Cospa/Resinya - Aegis

Here’s the fully painted version of the Aegis figure Resinya (Cospa) showed off at WF2010W. She looks quite stunning, but I’m going to be more inclined to “wait and see” after my review of their Shina Dark Galett figure. -_-

I still think this figure looks like it would take up a lot of space.

New Line - 1/6 Revy ~Swimsuit Ver.~

Last week, I wrote about New Line’s new Revy figure and how I felt like they dropped the ball by dressing Revy in a swimsuit. I still think the bikini is all kinds of wrong for a Revy figure, but I have to admit that this figure looks much better here than I had previously thought. ^_^’

Beagle/UART - Ryofu Housen ~DVD-Box Illustration Version~

This Ikkitousen figure caught my eye. The sculpt looks sexy enough, but it strikes me as more tasteful than most figures from the series. It looks like she’ll be a cold-cast figure rather than PVC.

PS: I’m not clear if the manufacturer is Beagle or UART, or even if they’re one and the same.

Banpresto - C.C. ~Straightjacket Ver.~

Banpresto showed a series of Code Geass figures featuring the two main heroines: C.C. and Kallen. I couldn’t find a scale listing, but they all seem to be in the 230-250 mm range, which is fairly large. Also, these figures are described as “lottery” or “prize” figures. I’m not sure what all that entails, but I imagine it means they’re not easy to get.

Anyhow, here’s C.C. in her straightjacket outfit.

Banpresto - C.C. ~Wedding Dress. Ver.~

And here’s C.C. again in a wedding dress.

Banpresto - Kallen ~Wedding Dress Ver.~

And, finally, Kallen in a wedding dress as well.

Sol International - Unknown Character

Honestly, I have no idea who this character is. I just found the novelty of seeing a schoolgirl type trapped in a wall too good to pass up. ^_^

Akiba Hobby attributed the figure to Sol International.

[Images via AmiAmi Blog, Akiba Hobby, and Moeyo]

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3 thoughts on “Event Roundup: Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2010 [Spring]

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  2. Not sure if you ever found out who that girl was, but she’s from Asura Cryin’ and her name is Misao Minakami, she’s a ghost. I like the it’s creativity but I wonder about the manufacturer and their quality. I may pick her up if I see a deal though.

    • Ah, thanks for the clarification. The pose makes a lot more sense when you consider that she’s supposed to be a ghost.

      I poked around a bit and it’s rather confusing as to who is actually the manufacturer of this figure. I found various online shops listing her under Toy’sworks, Bandai, and Chara-Ani. I don’t have experience with any of these names, though, so I guess knowing more wouldn’t really help. 😕

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