Event Roundup: Wonder Festival 2010 [Summer]

The Wonder Festival 2010 [Summer] event, or WF2010S for short, was held today in Japan. Like the Winter session held in February, this event represents a major trade show for the figure hobby industry and, as such, showcased many new products from the various manufacturers. What follows is a selection of figures shown off at the event that I personally found interesting or notable. Continue reading

GSC's Black Rock Shooter ~Anime Ver.~ at WF2010W via AmiAmi Blog

Event Roundup: Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter]

In case you missed it, Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter] was held this past Sunday in Japan. Wonder Festival is a major trade show for the figure industry so almost all the major manufacturers were on hand to show off a bunch of new figures at various stages of completion. Like most fans outside of Japan, attending WF2010 physically would have been less than convenient for me, so I had to make due with blog coverage of the event.
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