Year-End Report 2009: Regrets

In my last couple posts, I examined my budgetary spending for the year and analyzed the purchases that I felt were the most and least satisfying.  Now, I’ll point out some other figures I might have gotten this year if I had to do it all over again.

Regret #1: Good Smile Company – 1/8 Black Rock Shooter PVC

This was the first figure I wrote about on this blog, because it was the figure I was most interested in at the time. Sadly, my funds were almost completely spent by the time this figure was announced and I wasn’t able to get it this year. GSC delayed the BRS figure release enough that it was released pretty late in 2009, so I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to pick this figure up early in 2010 without too much trouble.

Regret #2: Resinya! – 1/6 Galett Fey Sowauge PVC

This figure seems to have been delayed into 2010, so it’s debatable whether I should even include it here, but it was originally scheduled for this year. I’m not at all familiar with the series from which Miss Galett hails, so it’s strictly the character design and pose drawing me in. Hobby Search is still taking reservations for this figure at the time of this writing, so it should be easy to pick up in 2010.

Regret #3: Konami – 1/8 Celica Mizushiro PVC

My interest in this figure is all about it pushing the right moé buttons for me. Love the character design, but I’m not too sure if Konami would deliver a top quality figure.  This one was a Konami Japan store online exclusive and it’s been some months since its release, so I’m not wildly optimistic about the prospects of picking up this figure in 2010.

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