1/6 scale Hatsune Miku PVC figure by Volks (#1)

Review: Volks 1/6 Hatsune Miku

In my assessment of Max Factory’s 2020 Miku as a potential preorder target, I indicated my intention to part ways with my Volks Miku if I ultimately acquired the Max Factory figure. I now have 2020 Miku in my possession thanks to some bargain bin action at Hobby Search, which means it’s time for Volks Miku to bow out. I wanted to grab some photos of her to commemorate the time she spent in my collection and I figured I might as well make a short review of it.
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1/8 scale Risty PVC figure by MegaHouse (#1)

Review: MegaHouse 1/8 Risty *NSFW*

Just under a year ago, while evaluating MegaHouse’s Irma for preorder, I intimated that I would very much like to see a re-release of their Risty as well. I doubt representatives from MegaHouse or Hobby Japan were reading, but whatever the reason that desire has been fulfilled and I now find myself in possession of their recently reissued 1/8 scale interpretation of the honorable bandit from Queen’s Blade.

(This post contains artistic nudity. Reader discretion is advised.)
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Preorder Roundup: 2014.08 Edition (banner)

Preorder Roundup: 2014.08 Edition

Periodically, I like to take a look at new figures that are available for pre-order. This isn’t intended to be an exhaustive list, but rather a selection of new releases that I personally find interesting or notable.

Once again, I find myself scribing a preorder roundup with WonFes in the recent past. The timing isn’t deliberate, but it is a curious recurring coincidence. This time I’m tackling 16 new figures and potential purchases, which happens to be a personal record and a good indication that I should probably be doing these posts about twice as often as I do.

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1/8 scale Dark General PVC figure by Amakuni (#1)

Review: Amakuni 1/8 Dark General

It’s time to take a look at Amakuni’s 1/8 scale Dark General from Shingeki no Bahamut (aka Rage of Bahamut).

This review started as a review for the Dark General’s sister-in-origin, Dark Angel Olivia from Kotobukiya, who arrived not too long ago. Although Olivia is a gorgeous figure when viewed in person, I found her very difficult to work with from behind the camera as her wings block the angles where I want to put my light and the glossy finish on her eyes provide horrible reflections from most any position. I quickly grew frustrated, punted on the Olivia photo shoot, and switched over to the Dark General here hoping for some redemption. Fortunately, she proved to be quite photogenic.
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