1/8 scale Dark General PVC figure by Amakuni (#1)

Review: Amakuni 1/8 Dark General

It’s time to take a look at Amakuni’s 1/8 scale Dark General from Shingeki no Bahamut (aka Rage of Bahamut).

This review started as a review for the Dark General’s sister-in-origin, Dark Angel Olivia from Kotobukiya, who arrived not too long ago. Although Olivia is a gorgeous figure when viewed in person, I found her very difficult to work with from behind the camera as her wings block the angles where I want to put my light and the glossy finish on her eyes provide horrible reflections from most any position. I quickly grew frustrated, punted on the Olivia photo shoot, and switched over to the Dark General here hoping for some redemption. Fortunately, she proved to be quite photogenic.
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2013 Year-End Report Header

Figure Financials: Year-End Report

We’ve reached the end of 2013, which means it’s time to do my usual statistical nerdery that is the year-end financial report. This will include a look at exchange rate trends, where and how I spent my figure budget over the course of the year, and commentary on any interesting trends that emerged within that data. Read on below.
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Year-End Report: Best of 2013 (header)

Year-End Report: Best of 2013

I’m rather embarrassed by my lack of activity this year, having pushed out a paltry two reviews, which means this post will have to stand in as a set of mini-reviews until I get around to something more formal. The list below represents my personal selection of my five favorite purchases of 2013. The usual year-end financial report will follow tomorrow.
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1/8 scale Leviathan PVC figure by Amakuni (#1)

Review: Amakuni 1/8 Leviathan *NSFW*

The Seven Deadly Sins is the latest Hobby Japan original content production and follows the same basic ecchi harem blueprint laid out by prior HJ projects Queen’s Blade and Hyakka Ryouran. We have seven demon girls that collectively represent the seven deadly sins: Asmodeus (Lust), Beelzebub (Gluttony), Belphegor (Sloth), Leviathan (Envy), Lucifer (Pride), Mammon (Greed), and Satan (Wrath). Esteemed Nitroplus artist Niθ has reprised his role from Hyakka Ryouran by once again providing character designs for the new HJ franchise. An anime production was announced in October, but the first products to bear the standard for the 7-Sins project will be a line of scale bishoujo figures, starting with Amakuni’s Leviathan, which is the subject of today’s review.

(This post contains artistic nudity. Reader discretion is advised.)
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