Year-End Report: Best of 2015

Well, 2015 saw an all-new low in terms of blog activity, but I wanted to take a brief moment to highlight the purchases I was most pleased with over the past year.

Alter – 1/7 Mu-12

Best of 2015: 1/7 Mu-12 by Alter

Outside of spin-off works like this figure, I largely lost touch with the BlazBlue fighting game series after the eponymous first game, where I enjoyed playing Nu-13 and Taokaka. Mu-12 bears obvious visual similarities to Nu-13, though she seems to have long surpassed her forebear in popularity. With a character design that can produce stunning sculpts like this Alter masterpiece, it’s not hard to see why. Alter officially lists Mu-12 at 1/7 scale, but that designation undersells how massive this figure feels in person. I had to remove half the protruding blades from the display base just to fit this figure in my IKEA Billy bookshelves with the doors closed, which is fortunately an option. Said display base even lights up, given appropriate batteries (sold separately), though I haven’t personally used that feature. Alter has produced a lot of real quality work over the years, but Mu definitely stands as one of their more impressive examples.

Amakuni – 1/7 Satan ~Santa Claus no Setsu~

Best of 2015: 1/7 Satan ~Santa Claus no Setsu~

Hobby Japan’s Seven Deadly Sins figure series has pretty much run its course in terms of with all the characters getting figures in their canonical outfits which simply means they’ve moved on to fetish outfits instead. Amakuni’s oddly appropriate Santa-themed Satan has been the only figure from the extended 7-Sins lineup to catch my interest thus far. Like Mu-12 above, this Satan is noticeably larger in person than her scale would suggest, which was a pleasant surprise. Amakuni’s paint and sculpt quality has generally been good and Satan continues that trend while improving nicely on Leviathan’s cast-off foibles. Indeed, this is one of the better-fitting cast-off implementations I’ve seen and the lone difficulty I encountered was getting the dress-holding left hand’s peg seated properly. Amakuni promised a wicked blend of cute and sexy with this figure and I’m happy to report that they delivered the goods.

Wing – 1/6 Sonico ~Rock ‘n’ Roll Valentine~

Best of 2015: 1/6 Sonico ~Rock 'n' Roll Valentine~ by Wing

It seems like every year there’s about one figure that flies under the radar initially only to draw my attention and become a priority some time after release. For this year, that figure was Wing’s chocolate guitar-toting Sonico. Much like Hatsune Miku before her, Sonico has been the recipient of numerous figures, so it was likely only a matter of time before one of them drew sufficient interest. Wing’s version has Sonico looking lively in a polka-dot bikini, her trademark headphones, and the afore-mentioned choco-guitar. My only prior experience with a Wing figure was last year’s Muramasa, which I found rather lovely and Sonico similarly impresses. My only complaint, and a rather trivial one, is that the peg for one of Sonico’s feet is too short to stay secured consistently.

Vertex – 1/7 Selvaria Bles

Best of 2015: 1/7 Selvaria Bles by Vertex

The Valkyria Chronicles series, which started off so strong, is now looking like yet another neglected Sega franchise. The series hasn’t seen a new entry in almost five years, the most recent two games were relegated to the niche PlayStation Portable platform, and the third game never made it out of Japan. Leave it to figure makers to keep hope alive with a slow, but steady flow of Valkyria merchandise. Selvaria has received the lion’s share of recent Valkyria figures and I feel that Vertex’s example here is the best yet. I find Vertex’s rendering of Selvaria’s features–based on Raita’s original artwork rather than the in-game or anime designs–superior to the older Alter version, which is well-regarded in its own right. Vertex even slipped in a surprise cast-off allowing Selvaria’s skirt to be removed; an option I don’t recall seeing advertised prior to release.

Orchid Seed – 1/8 Mammon

Best of 2015: 1/8 Mammon by Orchid Seed

I didn’t find Mammon’s character design particularly appealing when Hobby Japan’s 7-Sins character designs were first unveiled, so it comes as somewhat of a surprise that this Orchid Seed design has emerged as one of my favorites from the lineup. Mammon represents greed, as the pile of gold upon which she perches might suggest, but her other assets are more likely to interest onlookers. Indeed, a quick eyeball test suggests that Mammon has the largest cup size of any of the 7-Sins girls and yet Orchid Seed elected to emphasize her backside instead. A curious decision on the face of it, but with some skillful sculpting and the right pair of panties, they really make it work. PVC butt cleavage doesn’t get much better than this.

2 thoughts on “Year-End Report: Best of 2015

  1. Ahh, I see that you also received a number of sexy ladies this year ;D.
    I admit most of my purchases are based on curves and pretty faces,
    the little rest consists of characters I liked in animes or games.

    Santa Satan looks lovely there
    I like the 1/7 scale line of the Seven Deadly Sins, as I
    already received Leviathan, I have 2 more on order.
    Unfortunately Beelzebub has too lewd festival snacks ;(

    I just decided to buy this Sonico last week, she’s just looking great (´ ▽`)♡
    It should have been a figure, I’d ordered from the start, I’m picky, but I want every very pretty Sonico figure.

    The tiny head, massive boobs look is still something I’m not too fond of in general,
    Selvaria as a whole turned out very pretty nevertheless, her outfit looks classy and stunning.

    Mammon is just a lovely mature curvy lady, the buxom build makes her boobs appear a little less huge ^^
    Athough, she has nicely shaped boobs. The bubble butt is definitely another big, good pointof the figure.

    • I find that buying solely on aesthetics usually works best for me. I’ve made some purchases I ended up regretting because I let fondness for a particular character sell me on a figure I would have never considered otherwise.

      I have similar reservations about the fundoshi Beelzebub. She looks quite fetching, but the phallic foodstuffs are a bit unsettling.

      I think you’ll be pleased with the RnR Valentine Sonico. She’s a very nice figure and you’re already a Sonico fan from what I can tell, so she should be a great addition to your collection.

      Selvaria’s proportions are pretty typical of Raita’s character designs from what I’ve seen. If you look at Native’s Mahou Shoujo lineup, which is based on Raita’s work, you’ll see that they have a similar aesthetic. I wouldn’t want all artists to follow his lead, but it’s a style I can definitely appreciate here and there.

      Mammon’s curvy physique does make her breasts slightly more proportional than if she had the typical anime teen build, but she’s still pretty huge. 😉 Like Selvaria, this is an aesthetic I enjoy in the right quantities.

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