Review: Alter 1/8 Momohime


As I’m sure many other collectors out there will attest, Alter’s rendition of warrior princess Momohime is one fine piece of PVC. I see that the coalition of bloggers behind the Best Figure Awards voted Momohime as the winner for 2011 (?), and I certainly can’t fault their judgement in this case. The character design, pose, and colors all come together nicely to make a very compelling package that stands out among other figures–even the motley assortment living on my shelves–while Alter continues to deliver the near-flawless execution we’ve come to expect from them.

The only imperfection I could note on my Momohime was a very small blotch of black paint on the left thigh, slightly above where her leg wraps end. It’s a very minor paint issue and not something that will be lessening my enjoyment of an otherwise excellent figure.


  • Muramasa’s unique, stylized artwork translated into PVC
  • Dynamic pose with few bad angles
  • Appealing gamut of colors
  • Alter fit and finish
  • Not your typical, plain plastic base


  • One very minor paint issue
  • Slight gap between shoulder and left arm of Momohime’s kimono



Momohime was one of two figures I purchased last year from HobbyFan–the other being Alter’s equally lovely Clalaclan. Other than the usual 1-2 month delay when buying from an American shop rather than direct from Japan, I can’t report any issues with buying through them.

This is the first review where I’ve done any substantial amount of post-processing to the photos. Previously, my adjustments in post were largely limited to crop/resize and using the clone tool to remove really obvious dust & debris.

I bought Aperture on impulse when the price dropped to $80 with the Mac App Store launch. I found the interface daunting at first, but after working through a full review’s worth of photos I feel like I’m starting to see the value in a dedicated photo post-proc app. The ability to fine tune a particular photo via non-destructive adjustments and then copy/paste all those adjustments to a group of similar photos is just pure gold.

Financial Data

  • Purchased from: HobbyFan
  • Order date: 27-Mar-2010
  • Receive date: 21-Sep-2010
  • Base price (USD): $86.99
  • Shipping cost (USD): $5.75
  • Total (USD): $92.74

6 thoughts on “Review: Alter 1/8 Momohime

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  2. Momohime is one figure I regret not getting when it was released, it’s one of the best scales I’ve seen from Alter.

    Thanks for a great write-up with good shots along with it.

    • Momohime is definitely among Alter’s best work that I’ve seen, which is impressive when you consider that their norm is also pretty good. I’m glad I picked her up when I did, but I do know that feeling of non-buyer’s remorse well from other figures.

      It seems to me like Alter would do well to re-release Momohime within the next year, but I still haven’t figured out a pattern for which figures do and don’t get re-released, so you might want to look for more reliable information before making plans toward that end. 😉

      Thanks for dropping by!

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