Month-End Report, Mar. 2010 Edition

March proved to be a slow month on the review front. I have been experimenting with different lighting setups and backgrounds for my upcoming (GSC) Saber Lily review over the course of the month, but I couldn’t find a setup I liked in time to post a review.

Volks Horo + GSC Eri

Volks Horo + GSC Eri

Watching Spice & Wolf for the first time put me in the mood for a Horo figure, so I went off on an unplanned shopping venture and came back with a 1/6 scale specimen from Volks. The timing was very fortuitous in that Tokyo Hunter put one of these figures on eBay the next day after I had decided that Volks’ Horo was the one for me. I plan to review Horo after Saber, so look for a review in either April or May.

Horo wasn’t my only impulse buy this month. I also picked up Good Smile Company’s 1/8 scale Sawachika Eri figure from 888 Anime on the Marketplace. The price was low enough ($33 shipped) that I was concerned that I might be getting a bootleg, but close inspection of the product I received has me convinced that it’s legit. I’m definitely a fan of the School Rumble heroine, but this purchase was more about finding a bargain than anything else.

Finally, MegaHouse’s Kasugano Sora arrived mid-month from Robert’s Anime Corner Store. I haven’t gotten around to unboxing her yet, so I can’t post any early impressions.

Earlier this month on Figyura

New arrivals

  • Volks – 1/6 Horo from Tokyo Hunter
  • Good Smile Company – 1/8 Sawachika Eri from 888 Anime ( Marketplace)
  • MegaHouse – 1/8 Kasugano Sora from Robert’s Anime Corner Store

New preorders

  • Alter – 1/8 Momohime from HobbyFan
  • Alter – 1/8 Clalaclan Philias ~Armor Ver.~ from HobbyFan

2 thoughts on “Month-End Report, Mar. 2010 Edition

    • Yes, the photo is mine.

      The background is the “Northern Lights” backdrop from the EZcube folks ( I originally thought the neutral grayish tones would prove to be versatile, but I’ve come to dislike the background for the amount of pink it has, which I feel really limits its potential uses. They do sell backdrops in other colors, of course.

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