Wallpaper: Volks 1/6 Horo

With the trees behind my house currently showing off a lovely variety of autumn colors, it seemed a shame not to take at least a few photos. I started off with Alter’s Momohime since I’m currently working on material for her review, but I soon realized that there was no figure in my collection more appropriate to complement the fall foliage than Volks’ Horo.

Volks 1/6 Horo wallpaper - 2560x1600, 999 KB

Volks 1/6 Horo wallpaper – 2560×1600, 999 KB

I think I like how this shot of Horo turned out better than any of the ones I took for her actual review. The natural lighting helps a little bit, I’m sure, but the real difference maker here is the background, which only highlights in my mind the need for a little more variety in my shoots. Unfortunately, I don’t have a solid action plan right now for how I’m going to improve the situation. 😕

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