Good Smile Company – 1/8 Canaan PVC

Good Smile Company - 1/8 Canaan PVC

  • Character: Canaan
  • Series: Canaan
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Height: 200 mm
  • Material: PVC
  • Company: Good Smile Company
  • Price: 8,800 yen
  • Date: Jan. 2010
  • Link 1: Official Site
  • Link 2: Hobby Search

Good Smile Company recently announced this figure featuring the character Canaan from the series of the same name.  The dynamic pose is something I’d expect to see more from Alter, but I expect that GSC will execute this rather well.  I normally find the use of pegs (see Canaan’s left leg) to support mid-air poses a big turn-off, but the lone peg I see here is minimal enough that I probably wouldn’t be bothered by it.  The detailed base helps to distract from the peg supporting Canaan, so I’m really hoping GSC doesn’t go with a plain base for the final product.

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